Exclusive set from Anthony Scott for OnThisIsland.com


I don’t think this DJ needs much of an introduction. I’d heard a lot about him, but at the Marcel Woods event he blew our whole promotion team away! Straight after that event we got in contact with him to ask for a set… and he did more…

He has thrown together an exclusive DJ set and has given it to us to give to you…

Have a listen here :


Or you can download it or get more information from DJ Anthony Scott’s OnThisIsland Page.

  • epic set! it also has my current ring tone in it… the tetris remix :p

  • Anthony has always been talented with his own unique music style. It has been an honor for me to have studied music production with him in England and to have shared my passion with him in what we both love…Music 😉

    Keep up the great work. I m right next to you as always bro


  • Awesome set and was awesome before Marcel Woods in Bling!!

  • ahh personally i thought he was betta than marcel! keep it up !;)

  • Anthony Scott

    Thanks guys for the comments and thanks to On This Island for all the support !

    If its to Loud…
    Your to Old…
    Anthony Scott

  • its too loud man!! i guess im too old! 😛
    naaaaahhhh! good set man! patiman ole! tziame!


  • peter

    lol at tetris remix. brings back good memories! i think im gonna go and play tetris in the Onthisisland arcade 🙂

  • tetris remix.. nice one !