Eat. Sleep. Code.

CEL are once again rocking our little island!

The Cypriot Enterprise Link (CEL) are the young group of volunteers behind great things like Hack{Cyprus} (and it’s hackathon, and it’s insights conference and it’s tech talks) are back at it again!

On the 12th of April they organised their first ever Hack{Cyprus} Code School at the English School in Nicosia. The event focusses on teaching young people the basics of coding and robotics and was a tremendous success, and a hit with the youngsters. The event was over-subscribed and so they’re rolling out their second event tomorrow to make sure everyone who got stuck on the waiting list from the first event, can jump in and learn too.

Although this event is only for students of the English School, if we know these guys it’s just the first step to bring events like this to the people who need them most, our island’s future leaders.

Update: From our sources they already have interest from other schools to implement their own Code School sessions. Great news really.

A very big move, by a very passionate group. We love it!

Keep it up and keep pushing our youth to build a bigger and better future.