E3 2009: Sony Conference


Sony has not announced a PS3 price cut so it’s widely expected that it’s holding on for a bigger one right before the Christmas/Thanksgiving shopping season. It was a return to the basics for the wounded Japanese juggernaut. An impressive exclusive lineup of Uncharted 2, God of War III, Gran Turismo 5, The Last Guardian, MAG and Agent. However most of these games are scheduled for a 2010 release.

PS3 Motion Controller

Sony‘s version of the motion controller lies somewhere between the hugely ambitious Microsoft version and Nintendo’s Wii. Here’s the presentation of the controller at E3. Link

Although Sony looks to be a lot closer than MS in finalising this peripheral and eventually releasing applications and games it faces the same problem as MS. The reason for the success of the Wii is because the controller was bundled in the console together with Wii sports. Therefore everyone that bought a Wii experienced it and all developers know that 1 Wii console means at least 1 wii controller. Now both Sony and MS face the risk that they have only created a niche product for their consoles. Both companies have to convince PS3 and 360 owners to go out and buy these new products in addition to the console. The only way to do that is through content and that has to be in american “F****** AWESOME”. For developers to start developing applications and games for these peripherals they need a big installed base. A Catch-22 situation.


The latest PSP has already been covered in a previous post right here. The PSP GO will cost Euros249 (Ouch! Way more expensive than the DSi) and will be released on 1 October 2009. Also, Bill Harris has made me realise that this is a landmark product for the gaming industry. It’s the first console to ever be released for which games will only be available via download. As he explains this is a big test for the industry as it’s the first step towards eliminating the second hand market and also bypassing retailers.

Read Bill Harris’ articles at Dubious Quality. Link 1 and Link 2

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