E3 2009: Nintendo Conference


I am rather disappointed at Nintendo’s announcements this year. Its major hardcore games are just sequels,  Super Mario Galaxy 2, New Super Mario Bros Wii, Metroid Prime Other M. It’s hard to get excited about these franchises even if they are as brilliant as Super Mario Galaxy was.

Adding another peripheral to the Wii in the form of the vitality sensor, a heart rate monitor for the finger, leaves me indifferent. I would not even consider the demonstration of the Wii Motion Plus as part of E3 2009 as the peripheral led Nintendo’s last year’s event. In fact it’s already available to purchase in Japan. Wii Fit Plus? Please, i have Wii Fit and i only used it once.

Getting to the top is hard Nintendo. Staying at the top is harder. Just ask Sony.

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  • peter

    im realy looking forward to those hard hitters and proven great games but i agree with you that there was nothing original or new to be exploited by the big N.

    metroid however was suprising being 3rd person game developed by team ninja. its also overlooked by nintendo so im sure it will be a blast

    • I was also surprised with Metroid going back to third person. I only started playing MP from the Gamecube and onwards so it’s always been FPS/Platform experience for me.

      It’s also one of the few major Nintendo franchises that has been outsourced. I can’t imagine them doing the same for Mario or Zelda.

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