DJ Tiesto in Cyprus : Reviewed!

For the 2nd time, the world’s number one DJ arrived in Cyprus and blew us all away! DJ Tiesto performed in Nicosia on Sunday the 21st at Stadium Eleftheria. Despite the fact that it was a Sunday night, and that the venue had changed only a couple of days before the concert, it didn’t stop people from making their way to watch the exciting and long awaited event. The stadium was packed with people of all age groups, and the atmosphere was great. Before Tiesto hit the stage, there were DJ’s that kept the crowd energised and raving, with trance music in all directions!
At 10pm the crowd went wild… we began to ‘search for the sunrise…’! He played a combination of songs
from his new album as well as well-known songs from previous albums. Favourites amongst the crowd were ‘In the Dark’ and his remix of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’.
Amazing stage performances by dancers and fire artists on the sides added to the experience of the exhilarating night.
Tiesto didn’t fail to disappoint, he exceeded our expectations and Cyprus will be waiting for his next arrival, once again!

‘’CYPRUS …CAN YOU HEAR ME?!’’ OH YEAH, we could hear him loud and clear!

About the Author


Christina Angeli is a future English Literature teacher. She loves living on this Island, but is truly South African at heart! :)
She likes partying, movies, reading and learning more about the human mind. Her favourite season is summer. Swimming, tanning and no exams!
She’s fond of observing the world around her and creative writing with no boundries.
As long as she has family and friends in her life, she can be happy.

  • kinda annoyed i missed it 🙁

  • Sintiya

    The DJ TIESTO was amazing but the only draw-back was caused by the organizers – the concert took place in closed basketball stadium with really lot of people dancing and enjoying the masterpieces of DJ TIESTO not to mention the hot weather of Cyprus. And then half an hour (or more) before the end they switched off the air-conditions (even when they were on it was really hot and hard to breeze due to the smoke of cigarettes) but you can’t imagine how it was when the air-condition was totally off!!! Me and my husband we couldn’t stand it and were forced to leave (even though at the end usually is the best pieces) So the organizers stole from us the opportunity to enjoy DJ TIESTO completely!!!!
    I hope they will organize things better for the next concerts!