DJ S7S Speaks Exclusively to

DJ S7SAs promised, we have a surprise for all those R&B fans out there. We’ve had the privilege to have a brief, yet exclusive, interview with one of the biggest Cypriot DJs in the R’n’B scene, both on this island and off it. DJ S7S has also joined forces with OTI bringing you his the official S7S Lockdown Top 20 each and every week.

OTI : Hello there Mr. S7S and thanks for taking the time to speak to our readers. First things first, why R’n’B and not any of the other popular music genres?
S7S : Don’t get me wrong, I love music, from classical to rock…I’m a music buff!! But I’m passionate about R&B.
On a DJs perspective, the Urban side of mixing is the hardest out there because of its wide spectrum.
OTI : What do you mean by “wide spectrum”?
S7S : I mean anything from R&B, Hip Hop, Crunk, Old School Garage, Drum & Bass, Soulful Funky House… When you put them all together it’s a lethal Urban cocktail, shaken not stirred
OTI : Deliciously lethal! Almost everyone is looking forward to this Summer, what do you have planned for the big Summer 2008?
S7S : There is quite a lot in the pipeline and a lot has been said, but I will be sure to let everybody at OTI know as soon as papers have been signed and we’ve locked a few deals here and there.
OTI : We, and I sure many of our readers are waiting anxiously. Where do you think most the tourists will go in Cyprus this Summer for their R’n’B fix?
S7S : The standard destination is Agia Napa. I know a lot of the bigger names and DJs from Europe and U/K/ will be setting up camp this year; a few new venues here and there, so it should be good.
OTI : Hold on, are you one for beach parties or clubbing?
S7S : I do prefer the grimy clubs. It must be the smell of B.O. which makes me go back.
OTI : Hehe so where do you go out when in Cyprus?
S7S : Anywhere where they know how to have a good time, slam a few tequilas down and not be bothered about what shoes they’re wearing. I was born and raised in Nicosia, but there is definitely something about Limassol’s club scene which hits the spot.
OTI : You’ve spun around the world, where is favourite place to spin?
S7S : Dubai was pretty cool, London is also good because everybody knows the music; but I always love coming back home to Cyprus to play.
OTI : How many years you been spinning?
S7S : We’re coming up to the 11th year… its been a while.
OTI : Yea but experience is vital in throwing good parties. What else makes a good DJ and what makes your DJing style different from everyone else?
S7S : It’s important to be a good all rounder and to learn all the disciplines which come under DJing. Starting from the top, you have to know how to enjoy your music and play along with the crowd. Reading what people want is a dying art; it’s not always what you play but sometimes it’s how you play it. Mixing two tracks is obviously a must. And if you’ve perfected that you might even learn a few tricks. I love to scratch and proud to say I’m one of few digital turntablists out there. I like to mix it up a bit. I remember a few years back I dropped a “Prodigy” track in a rough club in East London…the crowd went insane and the bouncers had a tough time pushing ravers away from DJ box. Great night.
OTI : Sounds insane! If you could fly one artist over to play vs, who would it be and why?
S7S : Mr. Shortee Blitz… hands down. If i were to have a back to back versus session, it would definitely be Shortee Blitz. One of the best DJs out there but he is also one of the most down-to-earth humble people I have ever met. We would blow the roof off the club!
OTI : And if you could open up for any show/concert/festival world-wide, which would be your dream gig?
S7S : It would have been Jay-Z in Madison Square Garden… I hear he closed a deal with Live Nation for $120 million for ‘Roc Nation’. Maybe we’ll do that one instead
OTI : You never know! Thanks again and welcome to the OTI contributors familia.

There you have it folks, our first exclusive interview and with it a brand new section! Be sure to check out S7S’s OTI profile aswell as read up on his weekly top 20 for the biggest R’n’B tunes each week, published here, each and every Sunday. For more infomation on S7S feel free to check out his website.