Desk&Co launches #LetsGoCyprus competition

for entrepreneurs and freelancers in Cyprus

It’s been almost a year since we launched RentADeskCyprus as an project to help get talented people in Cyprus, back to work.

Since then the project has continued to grow from strength to strength, evolving to make the end vision more understandable: to build an international marketplace that gives, and keeps giving, entrepreneurs a fighting chance at success.

Mission statement aside, when I couldn’t make it to a few events directed at helping people with regards to entrepreneurship on the island, I reached out to our hosts to arrange a campaign that could help in some way.

Two desk-hosting partners dived in and so we launched the #LetsGoCyprus campaign.

If you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer, or small business, head over and sign up for the competition. Worst case scenario you don’t win and one of my team will try help you save 10’s of thousands of Euros in setting up your business.

The cheesy video announcement is below. Enjoy!

Keep the passion,

Click here to enter the #LetsGoCyprus Competition

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