Deep Impact + Davoli + Oakenfold = SPECTACULAR

Well just got back from the Paul Oakenfold gig and I must say that I am VERY impressed! No wait, not even that covers how much fun was had by me and the rest of my friends at the event.

The night started with an eye-opening first Back-2-back set from the guys of Deep Impact and Shadow, getting everyone in the mood for what was set to come. A hard bass driven set getting even the most stubborn ravers’ feet tapping.

Just when we thought we couldn’t take any more teasing, they threw David Davoli at us and boy, did he make us jump! With one of the most impressive warm-up sets I have ever heard, or even heard of. I can still remember the remix of Linkin Park‘s “In The End”, from the reaction of the crowd, I’m sure almost everyone there will also have it on their remix wish-list for a great time to come.

And just when we thought that the night was already worth the ticket price, we realised the man himself, Paul Oakenfold was still peaking out from behind the curtains. When he did eventually come out, he came out with a bang. He reminded us why he is still in the top ten djs after so many years in the game.

Looking at the crowd I was also really happy to see that the much expected sausage-fest was indeed just an assumption. So many pretty gals, and most were great dancers.

On the whole, thank you Mix FM! Was amazing, please do it again, anytime!

[EDIT : Yea Shadow and Deep Impact are two different DJs, sorry Shadow :)]

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