Take Me Out date filmed in an empty Limassol

It has been brought to our attention that the hit UK show where one bachelor chooses a female to take on a date, has had their date filmed in Limassol.

Although we haven’t seen the footage, it is being said that they went for a drink in Rumours (where the bachelor found the drinks to be ridiculously over-priced) and then proceeded to Teepee Rock Bar and the the Auld-Triangle club (which was shockingly quiet on that night).

Not a good way to promote our island, how did they not fill a club/bar to promote the island as a destination for couples at least!?

Update : Date won’t be aired (thank God) due to both contestant’s dark pasts.

Anyone found the clip online for us to have a look? Let us know what you though of the image portrayed with a comment below.