Cyprus Rowers need your help to go and make our island proud

Four rowers (Alexandros Zisimides, Christos Aristidou, Omiros Antoniou and Michalis Christodoulou) are on a mission to change rowing in Cyprus by taking part in the U23 World Championships in Italy in July.

Unfortunately, given the current economic climate and the current allocations of budgets for sporting teams on the island (Cyprus Rugby faces similar issues), the association does not have the power to support them financially and these boys are currently training under very difficult circumstances.

They are currently borrowing a club level quad and oars which other athletes have kindly loaned them. These boys train twice a day despite the fact that 3 of them are still in High School and one is in the army.

They deserve the chance to show the world their true potential. Help them achieve their dream of taking part in the World Championships this year!

The above is paraphrased from a crowd-funding campaign started by Anthoulla Nestoros, a long-time rower and friend of ours here at OTI.

The rowers are aiming to raise €25,000 via their GoFundMe page and thus are looking for support from us in the Cypriot community.

If you have any questions, we’re sure Anthoulla and the rowers will keep an eye on the comments below.

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