Is Cyprus ready for Online Ticketing?

I have been wondering about this for a while, and many believe the island is not. However, I do believe Cyprus is gearing more and more towards online transactions.

My reasons for this are simple. Everyday, at least one more transaction is carried out by a Cypriot on a major e-commerce website, be it buying new gadgets or accessories on sites like Ebay or booking their flights around Europe with EasyJet or BMI-Baby. The more the online community On This Island is coming into contact with e-commerce, the more they are enjoying the speed and effort-less process of making plans from their own desk.

So, isn’t it time that Event organisers, the theatres, clubs, sports and other public events in Cyprus joined the online trading world? Not only would it drop costs per ticket sold, but would cut down administration costs too, not to mention being able to provide a helpful service to their clients.

But you may be asking yourself, isn’t setting up online ticketing systems expensive?

And I can tell you it isn’t. I found a great service that can handle all type of online ticketing and events.  This service is called Amiando and, although they are not based in Cyprus, they can handle payments to and from Cyprus effortlessly and securely. Their cost is low enough for it to be worth recommending to our partners, other event promoters and venues.

Gone are the days of printing tickets in Cyprus! Well not just yet, but hopefully someday soon! What do you think?

As an added bonus for those venues or event promoters who try it out, we will provide free premium promotion through our networks. It also means we can help out by selling tickets on your behalf through Amiando.

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