(Historical Archive) Cyprus Explosion Aftermath

Cyprus awoke to a power failure the morning of July 11th 2011 following an explosions at Zygi naval base.

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The latest:

(All information gathered from several radio stations, the good old way, as well as people who send us info from their locations)


21:19 : The leader of the National Guard at the time that the containers were confiscated from the freighter en-route to Syria, had made it clear that the ship should never be offloaded in Cyprus. When this was ignored, he ordered that they should be kept miles away from cities and military camps in order to avoid future terrorist threats, this was ignored too.

21:15 : The remaining two ministers from the party participating in the current coalition government also resigned today. Causing the need for the President to have to call for the rest of the current ministers to resign or to find replacements.

21:14 : 4 High-ranking fire-fighters were also asked to leave their jobs due to their failure to correctly evaluate the situation on the morning of the explosions.

21:13 : 4 High-ranking Military leaders were relieved of their positions, following facts uncovered during the investigation. They will be criminally charged following the conclusion of the probe into the explosion.

21:10 : We apologize for the slow down on these updates but we were waiting for confirmed results from the undergoing investigation.


11:22 : Many reports of up to 3 powercuts yesterday. Anger with EAC is building island-wide.


20:54 : Iran claimed damages from the Cypriot government for the “wrongful detention” of their shipment

20:53 : there were threats or fears of terrorists attacks on the island if the Cypriot government had handed the weapons over for destruction

20:52 : contents of the containers were made public earlier

20:49 : EU inspectors claim that they have “never seen such devastation” after walking through the Vasiliko Powerstation site

20:44 : officials have responded to warnings from as far back as a year ago, and have started disposing of ‘unsafe’ munitions and safely store those that can be kept

20:40 : some residents have reported up to three power cuts per day, businesses are struggling to cope with the patternless drops

20:39 : panic spread earlier as a fire near another munitions deposit was announced earlier today.

20:37 : opposition political leaders lay claims that the investigation is useless and that it’s obvious that the blame and responsibility go right up the chain of command.


12:18 : Just over an hour ago, @Sigmalivecom received an anonymous phone call stating that the EDON and Proodeftiki’s sites had been hacked/defaced. The sites were edon.org.cy and proodeftiki.org.cy

The message on both sites still states :

The websites and edon.org.cy proodeftiki.org.cy removed from the server as a protest against the fact that the government Christofias is still in power.

The catastrophic explosion at the base “Evangelos Florakis” has changed our lives forever: 13 people died, dozens have been injured physically and psychologically, the economy of Cyprus has virtually collapsed and our country has lost all credibility and dignity in the international arena.

The bulk of the responsibility for this predicament lies with the Government Christofias. To enable Cyprus to begin to regain its credibility, the government must resign immediately and be replaced by a new one made ??up of young people who have not retake power in their hands.

11:58 : More photos from last night’s peaceful protest outside the Presidential Palace by @AnnPatey who claims that there ‘were less people than previous nights, probably due to high police presence’

People of all ages there.  Families with children, women and ... on Twitpic #cyprus Demo o/side Presidential Palace on Twitpic #cyprus Demo o/side Presidential Palace on Twitpic After taunts from opposition everyone sat down on road to deter police getting heavy handed again... on Twitpic


22:30 : Photos from earlier this evening:

22:27 : Police have pulled back and the crowd has calmed. @AlecosL said it well when he tweeted “I guess we should be happy the only tears outside proedriko #cyprus have been of grief & not gas!

22:24 : The speech ended with no violence caused by the outside protestors who are still calling for President Christofias to resign. Police pushed back demonstrators as pro-presidential crowds taunt them. Police keep order and are thanked by demonstration organizers.

22:22 : The Scene in Nicosia : 5,000+ protestors outside the gates as with every other night. 3,000+ people who were listening to a Presidential Speech inside the Palace gates and cops pouring down in between them.

22:21 : Bef0re we cover the happenings of tonight’s demonstrations, here’s an interactive High-Res view of what damage the blast caused.

16:13 : Germany offered electrical assistance and generators on the 13th of July, but got no response from the Cypriot government. We ask ourselves why, since nobody else is available to answer our questions.

16:03 : Price of electricity may be set to double in coming months, due to use of petrol to power generators.

12:30 : The island prepares for tonight’s demonstrations. Nervously.

11:40 Markos Kyprianou, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, had requested a resignation yesterday. He claimed that it was not out of guilt but that he did not want to be made the scapegoat. He is the third high-ranking official to tender a resignation following the blast. The other two were the Minister of Defense and the Commander of the National Guard.

11:30 : Photos continue to be shared from last night’s peaceful demonstration.


22:56 : We are heading to Twitter for night-time mobile coverage, be back tomorrow morning 🙂

22:28 : @DJS7S claims that there may be OVER 30,000 people at the Presidential Palace in Nicosia right now.

21:49 : Photos from the demonstrations in Nicosia right now by @DJS7S

21:43 : A short video message by Alexandros Yennaris has been submitted to us via our Facebook page

Save Energy 11.07.2011
from Alexandros Yennaris on Vimeo.
21:38 : Live from Nicosia : (via @DJS7S) over 20,000 people are at the Presidential Palace, and the march from Platia Eleftherias hasn’t arrived yet.

21:34 : Photos from the demonstrations in Nicosia right now by @grx83

#Cyprus presidential palace #now on Twitpic #cyprus after the croud chanted the national anthem outside t... on Twitpic

21:31 : Earlier today we stumbled across a great photoblog post by Ian Forsyth documenting some of the aftermath of the Cyprus Explosion.

21:28 : It has been estimated that another 8,000 people are currently walking towards the Presidential Palace to demonstrate again tonight.

21:24 : Picture of Banana Republic Banner from Nicosia via @pit_on_twitt

21:19 : Power-cuts are making it extremely difficult for small and medium businesses to cope. With daily power-cuts lasting between 2-5 hours during the working day, we foresee many problems in service orientated businesses as they struggle to stay ‘live’ during these tough periods of the day.

21:17 : The Minister of Foreign Affairs became the third high-ranking official to submit his resignation following the blasts last week Monday that claimed 13 victims’ lives.

21:16 : We are still waiting for the exclusive video that @sigmalivecom claimed to have found that shows the full duration of the explosions.

21:15 : We would like to remind you that it is ILLEGAL for the President of Cyprus to resign under such conditions.

21:13 : A petition continues to be passed around the demonstrations, collecting signatures of people who demand the immediate resignation of the President of State.

21:12 : With over 2,000 people currently marching peacefully from Platia Eleftheria to the Presidential Palace, we are keeping a close eye on the tweets coming from our friends in the crowd.

21:07 : We have to apologize for the slow-down of news being reported here. Not only have sources dried up but we can tell you that the protest are continuing and we’ve been tweeting via mobile through the power-cuts. Updates from today will be added up shortly.


15:33 : Reports coming in of refugees and immigrants being attacked by angry locals. Please stop this, we are all feeling angry about what happened, but hurting innocent people is not the way to deal with it.

14:50 : Video of the explosions (yes explosions, 9 of them in total) found online… (See it here)


13:32 : We have upgraded the service to make page-loading faster and to secure the site more as we plan to continue bringing you blow-by-blow coverage that other media refuse to, for some reason.


15:29 : It has been brought to our attention that it may not be radioactive contamination, but chemical contamination. We continue to scour for news and reports.

15:28 : A report has been publicized on local TV asking people not to take debris home, nor to go anywhere near the blast zone for fears of radioactive contamination.

15:27 : The President of the State, Mr Christofias, claimed that should the investigation find him responsible, he will accept the findings.

15:22 : Complaints are pouring in that the person selected to be the one-man-investigation-unit into the blast is the wrong man for the choice. Mostly due to the fact that Mr. Polyviou was the lawyer for the company behind Helios airlines, that still has an incomplete investigation as to why one of their airlines crashed killing over 100+ passengers.

15:21 : We return to our live-feed after we tried locating more resources via our parent company Ektagon for continued uptime.


20:09 : Going onto Twitter for mobile night mode. Follow us there if you are not at the demonstrations. http://twitter.com/onthisislandmag – Big (non-demonstration-related) updates will be updated here though.

20:06 : Results regarding any radioactive fall-out from any Uranium in the containers will only be out on the 19th of July.

20:03: People start to gather outside the Presidential Palace. We hope for an effective, safe and non-violent demonstration.

17:30 : ‘COVER STORY: Rebuilding Cyprus to cost 1 bln euros’ – FinancialMirror

16:52 : The EAC has announced that cuts will continue until midnight daily, instead of the original 8PM stop time they had previously set.

16:35 : This just in from the EAC : (Thanks Micheal for sharing with us)

The EAC wishes to inform its customers that, due to the abnormal situation that has arisen following the well-known events at Vasilikos Power Station, it is no longer possible to provide an uninterrupted supply of electricity throughout the island.

For this reason, power cuts to different areas in turn are unavoidable. Once circumstances allow and there is enough power, a specific timetable of cuts to different areas will be implemented. At present, it is impossible for practical reasons to draw up such a timetable. The EAC is obliged to extend the period during which power cuts will take place up to 12 midnight.

We urge the public to recognise the seriousness of the situation and to take all possible measures to save energy.

The very best that the EAC can do under the present circumstances is to strictly observe the two-hour power cuts. Since insufficient power is being generated, a second two-hour cut to the electricity supply will be implemented in the same order as the first each day.

It is currently predicted that a third power cut during the same day will not be necessary except in the case of a fault in the available Generation Units.

To this end, the public is urged not to use airconditioning units at all and to restrict its overall electricity consumption. We also ask every member of the public to study the leaflet published by the EAC which deals with ways of saving energy.

16:26 : A shocking look at satellite imagery of the Mari area before and after the blast : (Shared by Sebough)

16:21 : The ships from Israel carrying the 10 generators have reached Limassol. (Generators will have a capacity of 10 megawatts)

16:20 : There will also be a smaller demonstration in Limassol at Annexartisias Street.

16:03 : Calls are going out for everyone to be at the demonstration tonight in Nicosia (begins at 20:00)

15:55 : We are now using the Chat feature on the bottom of our page to take in user comments on these events. Use it to share links/news/updates or opinions with us directly.

15:36 : Time-lapse video from protest at Freedom Square Nicosia (Platia Eleftherias)

from Parathyro blog on Vimeo.
15:25 : Rocks and other potential missiles cleared ahead of tonight’s pan-Cypriot demonstration at the Proethriko (Presidential Palace) [Source]

15:16 : The Presidential speech was a little ‘dry’ to many across the island, with more emphasis being put on ‘the right-wing attempt to burn down the Presidential Palace’ than anything. (Note we did miss a bit of the speech as we were hit by a power-drop half way through the speech, so feel free to tell us what he said or what you think via our Twitter account)

15:12 : The EAC (ATHK) has not released a revised schedule of electricity cut-offs. We continue to wait, patiently.

15:10 : “The European Union will deploy an assessment and coordination team of experts. A liaison officer from the Monitoring and Information Centre (MIC) of the European Commission will arrive in Cyprus tomorrow to prepare the arrival of the team.” (Source)

15:09 : We return to our live-updates following the tear-jerking funeral of the two twins and the presidential address.


20:55 : We are moving back to Twitter for the night time. http://twitter.com/OnThisIslandMag

20:50 : Demonstration in Palodia has ended and a march has begun for the town center in Annexartisias Street.

15:17 : Some news reporters are claiming that there may have been depleted uranium in the containers. Please note that although we heard this rumour ourselves, we have NO CONCLUSIVE PROOF.

15:16 : Please be more conscious regarding the consumption of electricity power.

15:15 : The EAC has confirmed that due to unexpected damage on a unit of the electricity plant the schedule of the power cuts will be revised accordingly. First information indicates that the power cuts will last longer that was initially decided after the destruction of Vasilikos Electricity Plant.

15:10 : The Power Shortage worsens with news that the island’s second biggest power plant is facing serious problems. More info shortly…

14:57 : And what do you know, they pulled the plan. Awaiting updates on a new power-rationing plan.

14:56 : Fingers are still being pointed across the cabinets and divisions, as we stared puzzled at the ‘cyclic load plan’ the Electricity Authority published.

14:55 : After last-night’s peaceful march in Limassol, a demonstration has been called for the Pareklisia compound at 7PM.

00:19 : We are going mobile, so this page will be updated tomorrow morning. For the breaking reports before then keep an eye on our twitter page http://twitter.com/onthisislandmag


23:58 : Violence escalates in Nicosia according to people on the ground.

23:57 : Have a look at this graph showing the loss of electricity clearly. (via @papadimitriou)

23:55 : ‘Police threw teargas at the retreating crowd that was filled with children, pregnant women and reporters.’ – journalist.

23:45 : From Nicosia via @paint_me_real – ‘about 2000 people got gassed by police; including children and woman, babies in prams’ & ‘ELAM did not provoke police for agrressive reaction.’

23:39 : Videos from the clashes at the gates of the Presidential Palace here.

23:39 : The Limassol march now continues towards Ayia Zoni

23:36 : Cyprus attempted several times to offload a dangerous cargo of confiscated Iranian munitions before it blew up killing 12 people in the island’s worst peacetime disaster, the government said on Tuesday. (Source)

23:24 : ‘Police issued a 10 minute warning to leave, but withing 2 minutes tear gas canisters landed and police stormed the crowd’ says a reporter in Nicosia.

23:21 : During the return to Annex. the Limassol march has split into two.

23:13 : A ship carrying some 10 generators able to provide five megawatts of electricity set sail from Haifa to Cyprus Tuesday evening, in an effort to relieve the electricity shortage (source)

23:06 : Limassol march reaches its end-point at Enaerios.

22:49 : Riot Police have marched out the Presidential Palace gates covered in a cloud of tear gas, supported by armoured vehicles.

22:44 : Limassol march has reached St. Nicholas roundabout. Protesters are taunting people sitting in coffee shops.

22:33 : Teenagers are still demonstrating at the open gates of the Presidential Palace, after being covered with tear gas, twice.

22:24 : The Limassol march will end at Enaerios

22:14 : From Annex. Street via @Kyri_Nicolaou – ”Please no violence”.Pleas for non violence are covering the ELAM chants.

22:13 : From Annex. Street via @Kyri_Nicolaou – Friend of the twins is crying, ecstatically,screaming: ”WAKE UP!!” followed by another minute of silence.

22:05 : It has been said the Cypriot government received no reply from the U.N. Security Council, whose authorization he said was needed to transport the containers off the Mediterranean island. (Source)

22:02 : From Nicosia via @DJS7S -Things have calmed down,but a lot of casualties from tear gas Pic of Kiriakou Matsi Roundabout –> http://yfrog.com/kjsh3kqj

22:03 : From Annex. Street via @Kyri_Nicolaou – I’m back. 17 year old girl: They had money for jets and houses and Jaguars and not for OUR safety?!

21:53 : Picture from @erodotos shows the size of the protests

21:52 : Picture from @DJS7S shows a sit in at the Presidential Palace

21:38 : Whilst people support the demonstrations and the call for the president’s resignation, they see no need for violence and do not condone the actions taken by factions in Nicosia.

21:36 : From Annex. Street via @Kyri_Nicolaou – Last tweet. People are crying. So am I

21:33 : From Annex. Street via @Kyri_Nicolaou – The parents of the twins are here. I’m shaking. People are clapping, cheering.

21:31 : From Nicosia via @stavro5c – I have to say ELAM was leading the protests. I believe is what caused outbreak. Many families here for peacefull protest.

21:28 : From Nicosia via @stavro5c – Sorry guys had to leave. #Cyprus things getting out of hand. Tear gas everywhere.

21:26 : Photo from Platia Eleftheria

21:25 : From Nicosia via @stavro5c – Tear gas thrown. People fleeing. Kids crying.

21:22 : From Nicosia via @stavro5c – Things getting out of control here.

21:21 : From Annex. Street via @Kyri_Nicolaou – 1 minute of silence is postponed till the parents of the twins get here.

21:20 – From Nicosia via @stavro5c – explosions being heard at the presidential palace. Confirmed to be tear gas.

21:18 – From Annex. Street via @Kyri_Nicolaou – Approximately 3,000 people attending.

21:15 – From Nicosia via @stavro5c – Its inbelievable how many people are here.

21:10 – From Annex. Street via @Kyri_Nicolaou – People are calling out for those responsible to be imprisoned.

21:06 : From Annex. Street via @Kyri_Nicolaou – Friend of the twins is crying, screaming, pleading for people to do something.

21:04 : From Annex. Street via @Kyri_Nicolaou – Lots of banners for the 12 people that have passed have been altered after the 13th person’s death.

21:01 : From Annex. Street via @Kyri_Nicolaou – A few people are trying to get the crowd to attend the funerals tomorrow. Then, the Palodia military compound

20:54 : The funeral of Miltos and Christos Christoforou will take place at 11am on Thursday at the Iero Nao Agias Triadas in Limassol. (We are only publishing this information because we’ve been asked repeatedly for it, our deepest condolences to their family and loved ones)

20:16 : With blame being pushed around, we cant help but wonder who is actually planning a way out of the economic oblivion we will shortly find ourselves in.

20:05 : A split between the the National Guard and the Political Government may occur should they continue to point fingers at each other for the blame.

19:43 : It is alleged that as well as France, the governments of both Britain and Germany had offered to take and destroy the confiscated munitions. (via @garazon)

19:42 : Criminal Investigation launched after yesterday’s blast. (More info)

19:37 : Our prayers go out for the recovery of 18 year old Antonis Charalambous who is in a critical condition at Nicosia Gen. Hospital. Doctors have claimed that all possible medical avenues have been exhausted.

17:27 : 2 of the injured are in critical conditions.

17:21 : Anger about President Christofias having ordered the keeping of the containers at Mari is spreading rapidly through Facebook and Twitter. We just hope this doesn’t escalate the peaceful protests planned for this evening. We’re all worked up and angry, but violence is not the solution. Stay safe!

14:32 : The Vasilikos Power station WAS NOT Nuclear powered but comprised of one gas turbine unit and three steam-turbine units. (Thanks @jajwouters)

13:20 : Massive protest organised island-wide by E.LA.M.

13:09 : According to a report by Sigma, there are 20 containers of explosives at the Larnaka International Airport. Allegedly confiscated en-route to or from Afghanistan. More info as we get it. (via @M_Pash)

13:04 : Last Monday a small explosion blew a hole in one of the containers. After ignoring previous requests from the Mari Navy officers to destroy or move the containers, this is what got the officials together for the ‘special meeting’ last week. A little too late, with once again no actions being taken due to the outdated structure of the National Guard.

12:31 : Another claim is that the Naval Base commander, Andreas Ioannides, had sent the rest of his unit away, saving their lives.

12:22 : Rumour just came in that there were in fact 100 containers on the ship and that two of the remaining containers are being stored by the airport. We repeat this is an UNCONFIRMED rumour.

12:12 : We would like to remind our readers, both new and old, that OnThisIsland.com normally avoids political topics, but in this case we are holding up the torch and helping users find information they seek. We are in no way affiliated with any political movement.

12:10 : People asked so we are providing the link to the Facebook campaign calling for the resignation of the President.


12:08 : @CyprusMail slams the President of State for his ‘do nothing’ strategy and blames him directly for the explosion. Read the piece here.

12:04 : The video mentioned at 11:52 has been found on YouTube and is embedded below: Direct Link Here (via @M_Pash)

11:55 : EAC’s (ATHK’s) plan was to create 13 districts, with each one having a two-hour power cut each day. The EAC could not yet inform subscribers when each district would have its power cut, but hoped to release that information in the next few days. (@cyprusmail)

11:52 : A video has been found of the ex-Minister of Defense claiming that the 92 containers were perfectly safe and presented absolutely no risk, so much so that they could be stored in public. Video in Greek can be found here.

11:30 : As we return to day 2 of our coverage, we would like to once again thank all contributors for their constant updates and stream of information.


23:33 : Over 700 people are calling for the immediate resignation of the President of State, Dimitris Christofias on Facebook.

23:30 : Going through the list, the victims included 2 Sailors (Christos and Miltos Christoforou), 4 Naval officers, and 6 Firefighters. Our condolences to their friends and families.

23:21 : The list of the 12 victims of today’s tragic events has been released.

23:04 : To restore the Vasiliko power plant will take around 6 months reportedly.

23:02 : Update on the size of the crater… it was 500m in diameter and 50m deep.

23:01 : Shocking image of how the containers were stacked before the explosion here.

22:51 : Reports claim that even after explosive-professionals stated that the containers should not have been sprayed with water, it appears that store-rooms in the another camp were opened and explosives were doused with water. (Unconfirmed)

22:49 : Protests in Nicosia to go throughout the night at Platia Eleftherias according to sources on the ground. (@nekatomenos)

22:16 : Tempers flared with rumours of violence at the Nicosia protest. Anybody on the ground?

22:01 : A very emotional minute of silent at Limassol’s protest, followed by an even more emotional and loudly sung National Anthem to send off the fallen. Kalo taxidi!

18:40 : This concludes 12 hours of coverage from our team of contributors. A big thank you to everyone who submitted information and news to us. Our hearts and prayers go out to those who lost loved ones today. We will continue to drop important releases in here, but will be updating less frequently. For breaking news follow us on Twitter.

18:17 : It has been confirmed that the Navy Base Commander had requested permission to cover the containers to shelter them from the sun. These were the requests discussed in the ‘special’ meeting last week.

18:06 : One of the military officers killed in today’s explosion had sent several notices up the command chain about the dangers posed by the containers.

18:00 : Another silent protest in Limassol, at 20:30 at the District Offices in Annexartisias. Wear black and bring a candle to mourn our loss today.

17:55 : It has been said that power will be allocated to areas on 3 hour intervals. (Unconfirmed)

17:43 : Silent protest outside the Presidential Palace in Nicosia @ 8PM in support of the families who lost loved ones today. Everyone in black and with a candle for those who passed tragically today. (We are not the organisers, just sharing the knowledge)

17:30 : Rumours are spreading about a silent protest and/or walk on the presidential palace. Heard anything about them? Drop us a comment below with details or a link.

17:27 : Ayia Napa’s tourist entertainment services will operate as usual it has been said.

17:26 : Greece pledges to assist Cyprus. We don’t know how exactly, but they pledged anyways.

17:25 : Some calling for more drastic measures than the resignations.

17:20 : And we’re pushed back into ‘darkness’. No electricity here again. So we’re updating via mobile once again.

15:22 : Some of you were worried about any families camping at Governor’s Beach Camping area. So we called them and asked what had happened. Thankfully nobody was seriously harmed on the camping site although most of the windows had been shattered by the blast.

15:09 : The government has ruled out the possibility of this being a terrorist act.

15:02 : The Chief of the National Guard has also resigned.

15:00 : Last week a special meeting was held to discuss the matter of the containers and certain decisions were made. No details are available, but it appears no action was taken.

14:59 : All official functions have been cancelled till Wednesday. Flags must be flown at half mast as well.

14:57 : Government spokesman reports 74 casualties , 12 of which were fatally injured.

14:38 : Some horrific pictures from the blast site at the BBC. (Not for the faint hearted!)

14:30 : The Minister of Defense has resigned.

13:30 : A call has been made to ask people to refrain from going to donate any more blood. We will update you when they need more.

12:56 : Power has been restored to some areas in Limassol.

12:46 : A contradicting report is also circulating: The crater is 100 meters deep, and was blown out after 98 containers of weapons ammunition and gunpowder blew up after 2 containers caught fire. Rumours are that the fire started at the power station nearby and spread.

12:29 : There are fears that 100 persons are still missing. Coast guard and private ships are searching for possibly sunk fishing boats that would’ve been out at that time.

12:22 : ATHK claims that it could take weeks, or months to rectify the problems created in the power grid. Solutions are being looked at for bringing in outside help.

12:21 : Eye-witness accounts claim that the explosion blew down their doors, windows and even moved them in their own homes.

12:20 : Questions being thrown around about the mandatory conscription into the National Service. More on that later.

12:19 : President of State claims the list of casualties is still growing.

12:17 : Blame is thrown at those responsible for placing the containers right next to the power station. But is it too late now?

12:03 : Minister of Defense puts death toll at 12.

11:59 : The President of state refused to state a number of casualties, stating that he was not sure.

11:58 : ‘The remaining containers have been secured and moved to avoid further danger’ says a representative from the National Guard.

11:57 : ATHK claims the demand for electricity is still 300 megawatts more than we are currently producing under full capacity at this moment.

11:56 : People on the ground still believe there is imminent danger, contrary to what reports are telling us.

11:55 : Over 30 different bedrooms around the village were destroyed by falling debris.

11:48 : In Mari village, pieces weighing up to 30kg fell from the sky after the explosion.

11:45 : A person on the ground, has walked through the damaged buildings. Pieces of debris burned through his tire.

11:44 : The government has also called for the limited use of drinkable water.

11:35 : Both airports have cut down on their electricity usage. Please do the same.

11:20 : Worries about the growing heat and thus electricity consumption spread as calculations are made to see if the standing plants can maintain electricity supply. There is also no ‘quick-fix’.

11:16 : Orders to store the munitions were not made by local officials.

11:15 : Officials are claiming that the rules for storing ammunition were not followed.

11:10 : Video from the affected region : Here. (Site is in Polish, but video is still shocking)

11:07 : The head of the fire department claims that the fire is actually under control, however they cannot guarantee that the fire will not restart until a later time.

11:03 : The confirmed death toll currently stands at 15, half of what some reports are claiming.

11:02 : There was around 2,000 tonnes of explosives stored in the containers.

11:00 : Reports show that observations were made by plant officals that the containers looked swollen from the heat on Wednesday!

10:59 : The report on the damage at the Vasiliko plant : CATASTROPHIC DAMAGE.

10:54 : Some soldiers were killed trying to put out the original flame when the explosion went off.

10:53 : Confirmed death toll includes 5 firefighters and several soldiers, sailors and high ranking military personnel.

10:52 : People on the ground and surrounding areas told to be weary, even though situation is controlled.

10:49 : The Vasiliki power plant is completely written off.

10:44 : Questions are being thrown as to why the containers were stored so close to powerplants for so long.

10:41 : Report claims that the fire started in the Naval base, where the explosion spread the fire to the power plants.

10:40 : Some reports are stating that the blasts claimed over 30 victims.

10:38 : The blood donation center for Nicosia is Egkomi Hospital.

10:27 : Details continue to pour in stating that it will be a few days before the full extent of the damage to the power-grid can be clearly calculated. Expect further outages.

10:16 : The containers that exploded were intercepted en-route to Syria from Iran 2 years ago. (unconfirmed)

10:12 : Some complaints are being made about the queues at the Blood Donation center, but please remember that the injured need you!

10:05 : The Vasiliki Power Station is still burning and the damage cannot be predicted yet.

10:03 : Power is being poured into the missing grid from Paphos, expect some updates on the affected regions.

10:00 : Airports and public services in most of Cyprus are still working at normal efficiency.

09:56 : Ambulances continue to cycle between the hospital and the site of the explosion carrying injured.

09:54 : According to reports the area is being controlled and there is no worry of future explosions.

09:53 : The power grid suffered severe subterranean damage apparently, may take a while to repair.

09:51 : Calls being made to switch off ANY excessively necessary electric applications.

09:49 : Questions are flooding into the local stations asking about the any young soldiers’ who were injured in the blast. No information is available however.

09:45 : Blood donations are being called for! Please report to the Limassol General Hospital if you are a blood donor.

09:44 : Full strain on the Limassol General Hospital with the death toll reaching around 15 now.

09:16 : @ArtistCrisanto reports a strange smell in the air. We have received no confirmations of biological weapons.

09:15 : Relocated again.

08:49 : From Ayia Phylla only the sound of sirens can be heard. We are back online and will kick off our life-feed again now.

07:53 : Word about the exploded munition dumps reaches Reuters (via @BreakingNews)

07:47 : Vassiko power-plant is in flames.

07:34 : 6 injured people taken to Limassol hospital

07:32 : Power is still up in surrounding areas like Ayia Phyla

07:31 : Police have ordered people to leave from the Zygi/Mari area

07:30 : Make that 90 containers.

07:28 : Rumours flying around that a confiscated container of weapons and explosives en-route for Syria could have exploded.

07:24 : Pieces of the power station have landed on the highway. The highway between Nicosia and Limassol has been closed.

07:23 : Explosions in Vassiliki area near Zygi were heard earlier in as far areas as Parekklisia and Mathkiati.

06:30 : ATHK will not confirm if there is any correlation between the outages and the explosions heard just before 6AM.