Cyprus Hottest Online Competition opens for registrations!

hoti-topWe have been working on a little something for summer and are now ready to introduce it officially… so without further ado… we open up the Hottest OnThisIsland (HOTI) competition for registration.  Put simply this competition is the search for the best looking people who are Cypriot or have lived in Cyprus for at least 3 years. (Over 18 obviously, even though 17 year old’s can enter, they cannot win for legal reasons.)

This is the first phase, in which all those wishing to vote or compete should register, upload photos, add their info and should you wish to, click the button to enter the running for some awesome prizes. It is not required to login with your facebook account, but it does come highly suggested to do so in order to promote yourself better in the competition.

The second phase will be opened to allow all registered users, competing or not, to chose 30 favourites (no double chosing the same person) till the 10th of August. The top 10 most nominated (5 ladies, 5 gents) will be taken to a photo shoot with a top Cypriot photographer and will be entered into a final round, where every user could now pick one male and one female to be crowned Miss and Mr OnThisIsland and be renowned as the People’s Chosen hottest individuals, till next year anyways.

divineadvertisingTwo days before we planned to launch, we met up with the guys with Divine Advertising, and they were impressed to the extent that they gave us their full support for the project. We have secured some excellent prizes and will release all the details on them in the next week or so, just before voting phase begins.

Go over, have a look, register (don’t be shy, you’ll probably be suprised as to what people think) and most of all have fun meeting new people.

Please do contact us or drop a comment below if you have any problems or suggestions.

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