Cyprus heart Japan Art Competition @ Stoa (Nicosia)

 First stage deadline: **3RD APRIL**
Submit your work to [email protected] with contact information.

Online public voting period: **3RD APRIL – 10TH APRIL**

Final prizes & judging on 13th April @ OtakuBuu Party!

Get out your pens, pencils, charcoal, brushes (or anything else that leaves a mark)! There are prizes to be won and messages to be sent (straight to Japan!)

Remember those 25 Japanese children that visited Cyprus in January? Even if you don’t, we want to send them a great big GAMBARE direct from you!

So get creating! Everybody is welcome (no matter your age, city or art style!)

Deadline for submissions: 03/04/12 at 23:59
Submit to: [email protected] with your name and contact details!

On the 3rd of April we’ll upload all of your works so that the public can vote on them! It is also up to you to promote and share your work around the place to get more publicity! Think of it as a game to beat your fellow contestants!

On the 10th of April we will ask you to send us the original copies of the top 10 most voted for works. These will be exhibited at Stoa, Lefkosias and judged to pull out the top 3 at the OtakuBuu Party on the 13th April at Stoa, Lefkosias! Did I mention that the 3 finalists will also receive prizes? Oh yes.

Please read the competition rules & process at:

Please note that if two submissions by the same artist would make it into the top 10, the artist will have to choose which of the two will be used to ‘compete’ in the finals.

More information on the exhibition & prize ceremony at the OtakuBuu Event Page:

For any advice or assistance please get in touch with Christis Christoforou on Facebook (by message or request) or Despina at [email protected] or by phone at 99931132

Good luck!

Event contributed to by Peter Anders Hvass through the Cyprus Events Application on facebook.

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