Cypriot Artist : Dj Gio

n509099363_1122805_8889Introducing yet another Cypriot Artist that doesn’t really need an introduction either… the one and only, DJ Gio.

He began his musical journey on the decks 12 years ago as a hobby since he liked to be in charge of what music should be played everywhere and continued till his hobby became his passion.

He then started spinning at various parties of different sorts, having his first main gig at Blu bar (one of the first bars to play trance music in Cyprus at a time where trance was starting to gain popularity) until he discovered that his taste and style lies within the magical sounds of progressive house…Being influenced by the likes of Joy Marquez, JC Mazter, Satoshi Tommie, Gabriel & Dresden, Arias,  Premium one and Jerome Isma-Ae he takes pride and gives dedication to his sets and choice of tracks and this helped him perform in places such as Tiger tiger (Manchester), Label bar (Manchester), Yacht club (London), Unit 7 (London), Guaba beach bar (Cyprus) to name a few…

n509099363_1255611_2070776In July 2008  the concept of Cherry Sensation began with an unforgettable boat party that took all who were aboard on a musical journey. Since then Cherry Sensation began producing sessions by DJ Gio, and has been established as a party ideology for all those who love electronic music. The Cherry Sensation Sessions are hosted by

With summer 2009 getting into full swin, Cherry Sensation is ready once again to launch yet another string of parties.

You can check out some of his sets @ Soundcloud:
Episode 1:
Episode 2:
Episode 3:

Enjoy the sounds…