Write For Us

Ever want to be a Journalist? Or like writing thought provoking articles? Or even just someone who wants to get their opinion out onto the internet?

We’re looking for authors who are interested in being published online! We will manage all online-marketing and publicity of your articles and will maintain a user friendly and accessible site from where your articles can be found, read, discussed and further distributed.

We will get your name recognized and present on all major search engines in exchange for unique quality content, sounds like a fair trade off, doesn’t it? 🙂

If you’re more into the journalistic side of writing then we are currently building up a rapidly growing news site parallel to the articles being submitted and we need as many volunteers as we can to keep the number of articles flowing in.

We’re currently looking for volunteers to write for us covering the following topics:

  • The Dancing Scene [multiple users]
  • The Clubbing Scene [multiple users]
  • The Dating Game [multiple users]
  • Sports
    • Soccer / Football
    • Tennis
    • Cricket
    • Rugby
  • Fashion & Style
  • Latest Gadgets
  • Virus Alerts!
  • Politics
  • Economy
  • Book Reports
  • Restaurant Reviews

If you feel you could help with one of the topics or would like to suggest a topic please do not hesitate to contact me on my email ( hector at onthisisland dot com )   the form below.

A quick summary of what we will be providing you with, on successful application..

  • FREE and UNIQUE onthisisland.com email address with over 2.5GB space
  • all the publishing and marketing you could want for your articles
  • high listings in all major search engines
  • and being part of a fast growing publishing network 🙂

Thanks for your support so far.