Chino Film Festival

chinofestival.jpgA week long event taking place in 3 different cities around Cyprus:

Limassol (opp Debenhams Olympia): 27 – 28 – 29 July
Paphos( Harbour castle) : 30 July – 1 August
Protaras (Fig tree bay) 3 – 4 – 5 August

Its the first time in Cyprus such an event is taking place. It will be showing movies such as “300” , “Finding Nemo” and many many more.
Entrance is FREE, and large numbers are expected every night! It also will sport the largest movable screen in the world and promises the best sound with a 17 way surround sound system! Looks to be a great event one definately in my books.

  • leya

    1 question, the leaflet doesnt say anything.. where in limassol? :p

  • leya

    ha, just read it.. lol still sleeping :p

  • 🙂 tiz ok we forgive you. well its on the beach to the right of Holiday Inn ( facing the sea lol )

  • Caz

    How can we find out what other films r gonna b on?

  • antigoni

    i am gonna goooooo:)

  • lover boy

    it’s about time!!!
    i am going to come for sure
    i will bring my bacardi to mix with the chino.
    hope to meet antigoni there:-))

  • Hi Guys

    My name is Neil from the Original Chino Brand.

    It is great to see that there is a discussion about the film festival going.

    I will be checking the posts here each day, so if you have any questions or comments please post them or you can contact me by IM on [email protected].

    Anyway to answer some of your questions the films that will be showing are:

    Finding Nemo
    Shrek 2
    Fast And The Furious Tokyo Drift
    Pirates Of The Carribean Dead Mans Chest.

  • cool guy

    this is great, I heard that there is going to be hot babes doing shows around cars too. I cant wait it looks like the best thing cyprus has ever seen.
    Can I come to all the shows?

  • venom x

    On the first night in Limassol 300 will be playing-WOW!!!!!

  • Fanatik

    well im definetly going should b a good event! … if any one knows of any other festivals or events taking place around the island please let us know as we keep the site growing!

  • meow

    what time does everything start?

  • hey there meow and welcome to,

    well i believe there are two shows a night one beginning at 19:30 and the other at 21:30

    although, there is a DJ live on the beach from 17:30 daily throughout the event.

    Here is the film times and dates :

    Finding Nemo : 27/07 @ 20:00 in Limassol | 31/07 @ 20:00 in Pafos & 03/08 @ 20:00 in Protaras

    300 : 27/07 @ 22:00 in Limassol | 31/07 @ 22:00 in Pafos & 03/08 @ 22:00 in Protaras

    Shrek 2 : 28/07 @ 20:00 in Limassol & 04/08 @ 20:00 in Protaras

    Tokyo Drift : 28/07 @ 22:10 in Limassol & 04/08 @ 22:10 in Protaras

    Madagascar : 29/07 @ 19:45 in Limassol | 30/07 @ 19:45 in Pafos & 05/08 @ 19:45 in Protaras

    Pirates of the Caribbean 2 : 29/07 @ 21:35 in Limassol | 30/07 @ 21:35 in Pafos & 05/08 @ 21:35 in Protaras

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  • antigoni

    last night was greatttttttttttttttt!!!!!!