Care4Children Charity Event for Children’s Solidarity @ Acropolis Park (Nicosia)

976640_10152910061690305_791326108_oYou are welcome to come with your children for a day full of activities and in order to offer generously, each one of you in your own way, the greatest gift that children need – our LOVE!

Your support in this effort will be an act of solidarity, since your participation in all the activities that will be offered throughout the day WILL BE FREE OF CHARGE, HOWEVER YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE BY OFFERING CLOTHES, DRY FOOD & INDISPENSABLE COMMODITIES!!!

Activities (alphabetically):

*Archery *Arts & Crafts *Cakes *Child Heroes *Clown *Crepes *Face-Painting *FasTracKids® *Fishing in Dewpond *Kindermusik® *MICRO Scooters *Mini-Tennis *Painting *Playdough *Storytelling *Theater Workshop *Theatrical Fencing *Universe Observation *Waffles *ZumbAtomic®

The event is in honor of the International Children’s Day and is initiated and organised by the educational school® and the company J&E Sharksmile Ltd (exclusive distributors of MICRO scooter in Cyprus).

Your contributions will be collected, sorted and distributed by the Organizations / Associations “RED CROSS Cyprus”, “Cyprus Association for Children with Cancer and Related Diseases ‘One Dream One Wish’”, and “ANAKYKLOS Perivallontiki”, with the help of “Cyprus Scouts Association” and of various VOLUNTEERS (individuals who are interested are requested to contact us).

Participants (alphabetically):
Archery Club Nicosia, Arlekino Clown, Baby Sitter on Call, Beem Boom Boom (face-painters), Dream Makers (mascots & face-painting), ECO Friendly Playdough, Ecole Franco Chypriote, Eirini Hadjispyrou (mascot), Eliza Hadjipanayi (face-painting), FasTracKids® by L&S®, Jeremy Coulmance – Mini Tennis, Kindermusik® at L&S®, KITION Planetarium & Observatory, MICRO scooters, Purple Tree – Arts & Crafts Studio, Rivergate Bookstore Café, The Little Worry People (Art & Drama Studio), Various Children Entertainers, ZumbAtomic® by Philippa

Printing (for free): PANAYIOTOU Printing (Dromolaxia)

Sound Services (for free): FX Sound Productions

Sponsor: A. ATHINODOROU – Insurance Agents & Consultans Ltd.

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