Blood Brothers @ Theatro Ena (Limassol)

Blood Brothers by The Heritage Private SchoolListen up! Another year has come and the Heritage School have decided to put on their own production of Blood Brothers, a musical written by Willy Russell. It will be on the 28th and 29th of February, at 19:00, at Theatro Ena in Limassol. For further information and ticket bookings call 25 362224 or 25 367018.

In case you haven’t seen or read the play, here’s a little preview… The play is about the tale of twins having been separated at birth. The twins’ different backgrounds take them to the opposite ends of the social spectrum, one becoming an Oxbridge graduated councilor and the other ending up on the dole and in prison for a while. Both fall in love with the same girl, which leads them to the tragic conclusion… I’m going to stop here, I won’t say anymore, be there and find out for yourself!

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