Best of Luck to Cyprus Olympic Team!

Having just seen them march into the ‘birdnest’ stadium in Beijing, we would like to send all the best of luck to the participating athletes.

They are as follows :

Georgios Achilleos ( Shooting )
Eleni Artymata ( Athletics )
Marcos Baghdatis ( Tennis )
Andreas Cariolou ( Sailing )
Gavriella Chatzidamianou ( Sailing )
Andri Eleftheriou ( Shooting )
Anna Foitidou ( Athletics )
Natallia Hadjiloizou ( Swimming )
Kyriakos Ioannou (Athletics )
Alissa Kallinikou ( Athletics )
Pavlos Kontides ( Sailing )
Dimitris Minasidis ( Weightlifting )
Elena Mousikou ( Archery )
Renalda Nastas ( Athletics )
Antonis Nikolaidis ( Shooting )
Haris Papadopoulos ( Sailing )
Anna Stylianou ( Swimming )
Paraskevi Theodorou ( Athletics )

Keep an eye on them, if you can’t we will bring you the latest news here too.

To see a full list of their competing times and recieved results please check the Cyprus Olympics page.

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  • Andreas

    This is a great site, especially with the Olympics on right now. Look forward to the results coming here. Thanks

  • @Andreas:

    Thanks for your comments and we’re glad you find our site useful. We look forward to bringing you some good news and hope that we can secure one of the 300 gold medals available