Battle Of The Year – Cyprus Preliminaries

This event is one of the most intense events, consisiting of wild people supporting their friends and family through the stage of possibly having to win a trip to Thesaloniki, Greece for the next round. BOTY is a break-dancing battle, people from all over Cyprus group up to do hours of dancing and preparation everyday for this event.

It took place on the 3rd of march 2007 at the Polemidia Hall, it was organised by the “Street Beats” with the well known judges: “BBOY SPEEDY” – from the Battle Squad in Germany, “MIKE SENIOR” – from the B.W.F in Greece and last but not least “BBOY PEPPE” from the Got Beats Crew in Greece. And on the wheels of steel: DJ Kid Stretch (DMC champion) from Greece with his great music to complete the event.

It started off with the introduction of great performances of what the judges and the DJ had to offer from their great talents. Following up after, was a dance showcase from the “Street Beats” and “Rebel Dancers”. The introduction to the night was great but only got better. The competing groups were introduced to the audience by each performing their own choreography as a group, while judges were to decide which 4 out of the 8 groups would compete against each other.

The 8 groups were:

  • ANBU CREW – Nicosia
  • G-JUNIORS – Limassol
  • GODFATHERS – Limassol
  • LCB – Limassol
  • LIQUID FIRE – Nicosia
  • MADTRIX – Paphos
  • PSYCHO – Nicosia

After each group performed their dances, the judges were given a break and had to leave the stage, to decide who battles and who doesn’t. Meanwhile, we were entertained by the rap showcase “DNA” allowing any break-dancers to dance in the background as they performed their Greek rap with a few of their songs. The judges came out with results a few minutes later, sharing with the audience who stays to battle in the next stage. The first 2 battling groups were the “G-JUNIORS and LIQUID FIRE”. The rules were to battle against each other for 6 mins, avoiding contact and just fighting to reach the finals of the night. I honestly found that the decision made by the judges reasonable, except for the fact that the G-JUNIORS varied from ages 10-14, making it a little unfair having to compete against dancers who had more experience and were much older, although i have to say, the G-JUNIORS had them at some points. After these 2 groups battled, the next 2 were announced.

The “GODFATHERS and MADTRIX”, goodness this one was definately a tough one for the judges to choose from, both groups were absolutely incredible. The judges even asked to extend the battling time, just to see more. It was very intense, leaving the audience anxious to know the results. Again the judges had to decide between the first 2 groups and the second 2, whichever group was chosen from the first had to compete against the one chosen from the second.

After another break, leaving the judges to decide, there was another performance by “DNA”. At this point everyone was eager to find out who battles next. The first group announced to the next level was the “GODFATHERS” followed by “LIQUID FIRE”. This battle was one of the best i’ve ever seen. It lasted 15 mins. Starting off quite friendly, slowly easing into great tension and competition but ending with hugging, showing true spirit from both sides.

The results ended up being that both crews go to greece but the crew that wins against the other travels to greece for free, whereas the losing team of that battle had to arrange it all themselves. The result in the end was “LIQUID FIRE” winning. They will be travelling to Thesaloniki for free, to compete in the next battle which takes place on the 12th May.

As tiring as it was to stand for 5 hours, it was definitely an experience i will never forget, ever get a chance to see one of these things? Then i highly recommend you to go for it, especially if dancing is something you’re interested in. Thanks for reading this, i thought i’d share this with you. 🙂

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