Battle of The Year Cyprus Preliminaries (BOTY) 2008

BOTY, organised by Streetbeats was nothing less than an amazing success! The energy created by the wild crowd of about 1500 people, and the determined, nervous yet passionate dancers was astounding!!

As well as having dance showcases and intense battling from the brake dancers, there was also other forms of entertainment. Firstly, mentioning the amazing DJ Kid Stretch who came from Greece especially for this event bringing us amazing soundtracks to liven the crowd and enthusiast the dancers.
The 3 judges being Rubberlegs, Crazy and Rotwin graced us with their presence as they are known artists worldwide.

The event started of with the introduction of the judges. No less than unique, each judge showed off their abilities to dance striking the crowds attention. After the amusement from the judges themselves, the 7 groups, ready to compete against each other, showed off their showcases, making their way to the next round. To give time for the judges to get their results, we had a number of rappers, Yiannos Wu, Mario Mental, Kyri, Kippa and Lyrical Eye and a follow up of a showcase by the Streetbeats dance group from Limassol.
With the tension rising, the judges walk back onto the stage and present the first two groups to battle, and make a desicion as to which group out of the two reach the finals. The next 2 groups battle and the same process is made. The 2 groups battling for the win, were the same as last year, Liquid Fire and Godfathers. The victory went to the Liquid Fire for the second time. (As a major supporter of the Godfathers i was utterly disappointed with this result).
I’m sure whoever attended this event was no less than satisfied! The hip hop culture is expanding with more passion, I hope you enjoyed reading this article. The continuation of BOTY will be held at Thessaloniki on the 10th of May, another event not to be missed!

Images from the night: