Avocarrot seeking to build a local team in Cyprus

Whilst alot of people are struggling to find great jobs, we’ve just heard that Avocarrot is looking to grow their local team in Cyprus, pushing forward their global business and changing the way we interact with brands.

So what is Avocarrot?

Avocarrot is a native mobile ad network based in Silicon Valley. Backed by leading corporations like Unilever as well as institutional investors from the Valley, our aim is to become the de facto standard in mobile app monetization. Avocarrot was selected as one of 8 best startups in the world by Google in 2013.

They are a technology driven company with a fast-paced, hacker culture baked in the heart of the company. Working in small teams, they ship fast and iterate rapidly. If you want to be part of a team of talented engineers and growth marketing hackers then these guys are worth chatting to.

Who they’re looking for:

Avocarrot is looking for super-talented software engineers for full-time employment in Cyprus. They are specifically looking for Javascript and Python gurus.

You can APPLY here: http://avocarrot.workable.com

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