Autumn Leaves – September Jazz in Cyprus

Sadly, with the end of the summer comes the end of the festivals. But if you’re in the mood for some jazz, don’t despair: there’s still some life left in Cyprus.

First up: Aside from the regular Wednesday sessions at Jazzy B, (ten euro entry, starting at 22.00), on the 19th the Charis Ioannou Quartet joins up with George Kontrafouris, one of the best pianists in Greece. The line up will be: Charis Ioannou on tenor sax, George Kontrafouris on piano, Irenaeos Koullouras on acoustic bass, and Ioannis Vafeas on drums. The performance starts at 22.30. For more information on Kontrafouris check out the following:, or alternatively, For reservations or information call Jazzy B on 99605502.

Christina Branco, dubbed the “Voice and Soul of Portugal”, joins up with The Mantra Ensemble on 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th September. Mantra’s music has been described as a “musical journey into contemporary European jazz, with explicit ethnic characteristics and impressionistic improvisation”, and the collaboration with Branco is sure to be electrifying. At the time of writing a venue had not yet been allocated; anyone interested should check out closer to the dates or keep an eye on the Jazz in Cyprus section right here on

Finally, for anyone headed out to catch an end of season party in Ayia Napa, the best place to start the night may be, believe or not, a museum. Every Monday from September 1 to September 15 the “Thalassa Museum” will be showcasing live jazz and latin music. On Mon 1st the programme is latin and jazz music with the “Forca Latino” music group. Monday 8th sees latin and jazz dances as the “Shakallis” dance group take the stage, and Monday 15th the “Eternity” music ensemble do that jazz. All performances start at 21:00, and the best (news) is yet to come – entrance is free. For further information contact 23 816 307.