Ice Breaker

Well this is something just to keep u busy .

The game is simple, click the mouse at the right time to break the ice, otherwise… well… you don’t get to go past.

  • sooo addictive dammit!

  • peter

    what a legendary game. some could say its the perfect ice breaker 😛

  • Aristia

    hahah that’s so annoying. i cant break more than three lol. my fella is weak :p

    • bad hand eye co-ordination dear!

      • Aristia

        shhhhh dont say that! trying to work on that :p

  • peter

    smashed them all but there no level 2? i think it crashed 🙁

    • its jst for fun, i’ll try find another version with more levels 🙂

  • Aristia

    are u kidding me? cant even break more than three ice blocks. how many do u have to break to get to the next level?

  • AliFakih

    you need to break 13 to clear it!

  • Aristia

    pff dont think i will :p at least i broke 8 then it gets harder.

  • yyyyeeeeesssss!