And we’re back, with something for almost everyone!

Hello all, we’ve been closed since the end of November, and it’s time we come clean as to why.

As you can tell we’ve had a slight makeover here at OnThisIsland, which puts focus on content. This obviously makes for a more enjoyable experience for readers, but it also sets the stage for our first announcement.

We know you have great stories to share!

Whether you’re a journalist, an adventurer, a picnicker, a photographer or someone who just wants to get their opinion heard, we’ve just launched the ‘OnThisIsland Storyteller Programme’.

Although a bit of a mouthful, the programme allows us to share the great stories about life on this island, whilst supporting the storytellers financially. Companies and brands can become patrons, exchanging spare change for having their logos/messages displayed on specific ‘sections’.

The fun part is what happens next. We split the ad revenue into 3 unequal chunks. For more information, click here.

Enough with awful booking processes!

We announced a few months ago that we were sick and tired of how badly ticketing and reservations were being done in Cyprus, and that we had partnered up with the spectacular team at GateMe.

After a summer of testing with Guaba Beach Bar behind the scenes, we’re happy to be implementing this technology more deeply and merging it with our passion for promoting great events island-wide.

As we roll out this new version, you’ll be able to reserve tickets and tables faster than singing supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (and far far easily), directly from our site.

We also have introductory rates, so get in touch if you run events or a club.

Musicians, Actors, Artists, Charities, Small Stores and Pet Lovers

In the coming months we will be releasing tools for you too!

Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to find out the latest.

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