An exclusive interview with Loukas Kosmidis!

loukasTo all those dance lovers, I am sure someone like Loukas Kosmidis has influence over you, as a relative, friend, teacher and dancer. Personally being taught by him, this interview got me all excited!

Here’s what Loukas has to say to his fans…

How did it feel to win this competition?

It felt like a dream come true!

What did you do after the competition? Was it all fame and glory?

After the competition I had a knee operation and went to England in order to complete some studies for a year. My aim was to aim high and get better.

As far as fame goes, I didn’t feel it much in England due to the fact that, naturally, not many people watched the show seeing as it was based in Greece.

After your studies were done what did you do?

After my studies in England, i went to the USA for numerous workshops with people involved in movies such as ‘You got served’ and ‘Step up’ in which i was awarded a prize for being the best dancer. I was given two tickets to the premiere of ‘Step Up 2’. A while after that I auditioned for a scholarship in the USA, which i also managed to get!

Wow, you’ve really done well for yourself! So did you end up staying in the USA?

I actually came back home to Cyprus and held numerous workshops and then got married with Kasey on the 19th of October 2008.

And i can only congratulate you! Did you stay in Cyprus after the marriage?

No, i ended up going back to Greece for a tour that Panos Metaxopoulos asked me to join. It was a tour of a theatre production called ‘Showtime’.

Nice! We’ve been hearing briefly about the new KQ crew, would you like to fill us in on that?

Of course! KQ (a.k.a. Kings and Queens) is a dance crew i put together. We aim to be as professional as can be and use a combination of dances: breaking, popping, locking and other styles in order to bring up the level of dancing in Greece. We will also be arranging workshops to be done this summer in Cyprus and Greece. So far we are 6 people and aim to be a lot larger by setting auditions every 3 to 6 months in order to slowly expand and create a family, agency and company.

That sounds great, good luck with it! Thanks a lot for your time Loukas and good luck with everything, not that you need it since you’ve already come this far! Take care.