Amateur Football Tournament 2010 (Limassol)

We were contacted by the lovely people over at CYCup, who informed us that they are organising a large football tournament with a guaranteed £3,000 cash prize. (The prize may increase depending on the number of teams that enter)

Registrations began in January and can be done from their website, and will close on the 1st of March 2010. It will cost a team of 5 players and 5 reserves a small fee of €25 each to enter the tournament. (That’s €250 per team, irrespective of whether you have less players than 10)


» 5-a-side football, 10 players per team registered (5 substitution)
» 2×20 minutes halves, 10 minute half time break
» Unlimited substitution per match
» Knockout competition, a defeat means you are eliminated


» Minimum of 5 players, maximum 10 players per team to be registered.
» Minimum age is 16 year old.
» Only amateurs, no professional players are allowed

For more information simply head over to or leave a comment below.