A fresh look at going to University in Cyprus

Today I came across an interesting blog post by Jen, of LivingSpree, who has been traveling the world with her husband and writing about their adventures. Recently they passed through Cyprus to visit the brand-spanking-new University and took part in some activities undertaken by Erasmus students on the island.

It makes an interesting read and provides a fresh outlook on what ‘outsiders’ think of our lovely island and all it has to offer. This is their report from being on the island for 11 days :

After 11 days spent with the Erasmus students of Nicosia, Cyprus, I would now like to make it official that Gage and I are old. Nothing can leave a person more convinced of this fact than trying to keep up with a hord of university students only to find that their body is now completely incapable of the 3 hour turn-around that it once was. As Gage and I lay on the floor of Dominika’s apartment at 2pm, having just woken up, we reflected upon the distinct memories we had of staying up until 5am, only to wake up at 8am and head into class. I even remember marveling at how wonderful a person could feel after only three hours of sleep. I now marvel at the students who woke up and left the house at 9am to go sightseeing while I slept in… Read the full article.

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