5 Awesome Gift Ideas for Christmas!

Well the Christmas period is closing in on us quickly, so I’ve concluded a list of 5 gifts for your friends and family, from our lovely friends over at Gifts and Gadgets in Limassol.

The first item on our list are for those who need to get access to a bag quickly without having to waste space in your handbag or backpack. Ideal for student shoppers in countries like the UK, where the availability of plastic bags are in strong decline.

It is a re-usable, key-ring bag. A genius innovation helping all those who find themselves in those situations, ideal for all students back for the holidays.

The second item is perfect for all those deep sleepers and students who need a way to get out of bed by any means necessary to make it to lectures, workshops or their daily schedule. This annoying little number is the run-away alarm-clock. Which rings like crazy and runs off the desk, and across the floor until the sleepy head goes after it to disable it.

The third gift idea is ideal for anyone who likes to play cards socially, or use them for the legendary ‘4 kings’, a pure crazy pack of playing cards, sure to make any game a little bit more exciting. These cards will obviously not be ideal for any serious card players, but would be a good way to annoy them about how seriously they take the games.

For the more serious, and book worms.. provide them with a little desk-top distraction. Which is highly recommended by doctors and teachers worldwide, slight distraction that is. This gift idea is an impressive levitated globe. It’s a beautiful addition to anyones desk, even perfect for corporate figures.

Want to get more than one? Or don’t want a globe? Well there are other floats, including : a Mini Cooper; a Photo Frame; a NASA Space Shuttle; a Mood Light; an LCD Clock; a VW Beetle and a VW Bus.

Last, but definitely not least, is a perfect gift for those people who hate having boring rooms, like clubbing, or simply love colours. This small device projects amazing mixtures of colours onto a plain wall and is rather impressive to visitors and calming to the host. This is the Space Projector!

This was understandably the producer’s ‘highest selling product in Europe’.

For any of these, or many many more gifts, be sure to get yourselves down to Gifts and Gadgets; and remember as readers of OnThisIsland.com you are entitled to 15% OFF any purchases made!